About SchoolCloud

A PASI-compliant Student Management Information System for small and mid-sized Alberta educational organizations

This web-based student information system that can be highly customized to your school’s varying workflows was created in 2011 by Michetti Information Solutions, Inc. (MIS) and has passed full conformance and approval from Alberta Education.. The basic package contains over fifty print-friendly reports, hundreds of features and a user-friendly, easy to learn interface help eliminate duplication and save your organization countless hours.

The system can be accessed it from any device and any web browser thanks to our cutting-edge responsive design. The system is fully integrated with Alberta Education’s requirements relating to  PASI and is hosted in Edmonton, AB.. The telephone and on-line support by MIS staff is the best in the industry. Check out the  list of the Alberta organizations currently using SchoolCloud. MIS is pleased to announce that Holden Rural Academy is now using SchoolCloud as their student information system. In other news, Edison School of Okotoks, AB switched to SchoolCloud from another SIS in just 4 days. Report cards were distributed on time.

We have an app! MIS has developed its very first iOS App. It is for teachers to take classroom attendance with their iPhone. The data then flows up to our SchoolCloud Student Information System which is being used by several schools in Alberta.

COMING SOON – The SchoolCloud dev team has been working on our new Scheduling Module. Watch for it in early 2022 !