A PASI-compliant Student Management System for Alberta organizations

SchoolCloud is a web-based student information system that can be highly customized to your school's varying workflows.

Over fifty print-friendly reports, hundreds of features and a user-friendly, easy to learn interface help eliminate duplication and save your organization countless hours. Access it from any device thanks to our cutting-edge responsive design.

The system is fully integrated with Alberta Education’s requirements relating to PASI.

See below for a list of Alberta organizations currently using SchoolCloud.


Automated emails to parents and staff, a lightning-quick intelligent search engine and a fast responsive support team help make SchoolCloud the best student management system on the market.

  • Report Cards
  • Attendance
  • User Management with customizable Role-based Permissions
  • Scheduler
  • Social Worker notes and Therapist Assessments
  • ASQ Screenings and Assessments
  • Detailed Medical information
  • Emergency Contact information

  • Extended Funding Information:
    • Parent demographics and data (citizenship, language, country of origin, education)
    • Family demographics and data (marital status, employment, income)
  • Daycare Information
  • Transportation - Pickup/Drop-off/Distance

PASI Features

As of Q2 2013, the system supports PASI data

Student Personal

  • Identification Documents
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Citizenship
  • Restrictions

School Enrolment

  • Integrated Work Item management
  • Registration: Status, Type, Start and Exit
  • Exception and Grant Program Codes

High School Marks

  • Course Enrolment
  • Evaluated Mark
  • Scheduler
  • Batch Approval/Unapproval
  • Section management

Available Soon

  • Diploma Exam Registration
  • Transcript Management

For any one student, all PASI-enabled systems world-wide share this data. Changes in one system are propagated to all other PASI-enabled systems in near real-time.

Additional Features

The system optionally includes an alternative method for the creation of student records.  Modelled after ABC Head Start's (Edmonton, AB) yearly Application process, a minimal set of student and parental personal and demographic information can be taken from prospective student's parents to first see if a student qualifies for entrance into a particular School or School Authority's program.  Applications can then be approved or denied; approved applications will become new student records, retaining all the data entered in the application.  

The application process minimizes duplicate data entry, potentially saving time and money.  All Application data is aggregated into its own set of reports, which can be used by funders.


School Organizations currently using SchoolCloud

ABC Head Start

ABC Head Start is a comprehensive preschool and family support program for families with low incomes. With over a dozen locations across Edmonton, ABC Head Start offers a comprehensive preschool and family support program for hundreds of families with low incomes.
Visit ABC Headstart

Oliver Centre
Oliver Centre

Oliver Centre has been a not-for-profit community agency providing children's services and family resources since its inception in May of 1980 as an Out of School Care program serving 22 children. The Centre now has an enrollment of over 300 children and their families, through a variety of programs.
Visit Oliver Centre

E4C Alberta

E4C is a non-profit human services charitable organization locate in Edmonton, AB that moves people toward positive, healthy and lasting change. E4C’s mission is to limit, alleviate and ultimately eliminate poverty. In more than 40 years, E4C’s services have grown to over 20 programs, operating in four quadrants of the city and impacting over 10,000 people every year.
Visit E4C

Elves Special Needs Society
Elves Special Needs Society

Elves Special Needs Society is a non-profit organization and registered charity which offers a Pre-school and School Program for children with disabilities and a day program for adults with severe disabilities. Elves Special Needs Society has over 150 students and 130 staff members in four programs at three location in the Edmonton, AB area.
Visit Elves Special Needs Society

Rivervalley School
River Valley School

River Valley School (RVS) is a premier and inclusive, dual stream private school that provides unparalleled education and character development of children from 3 years of age to Grade 6. As one of the few accredited Montessori school in Western Canada, RVS prides itself on the calibre of Montessori and Progressive programming and curriculum.
Visit River Valley School

WISDOM Home Schooling
WISDOM Home Schooling

WISDOM Home Schooling is the home schooling administration for the Trinity Christian School Association. WISDOM accepts home schooling families from across Alberta and helps parents fulfill the Alberta Home Education notification requirement.
Visit WISDOM Home Schooling

Cause and Effect Foundation
Cause and Effect Foundation

Cause and Effect Foundation is an Early Intervention Service for children with special needs and has been in operations since 1994 servicing children six months to six years in the Calgary and surrounding areas. The organizations provides tailored programming to each and every child with Cause and Effect within preschool, community, and in-home settings. Their motto is "play with a purpose!"
Visit Cause and Effect Foundation

Community Options
Community Options

Community Options has inclusive early learning and childcare programs that provide an optimal opportunity to achieve goals and maximize their potential. They offer children an enriching experience, positively impacting lifelong learning, behavior, health and quality of life. The role of parents in childcare and upbringing remains of primary importance; the supportive relationship between staff and families is key to success in the services offered. The early learning and care options are characterized by a curriculum based on children’s development needs and interests, trained teaching staff, specialized support services and continued leadership facilitating program improvement.
Visit Community Options

Community Association for Lasting Success
Community Association for Lasting Success

Since 1997, The Community Association for Lasting Success (CALS), a non-profit, charitable organization, has been making a difference in children’s lives by supporting families and responding to their individual needs in building a foundation in learning that allows every child to strive to his or her potential.
The Community Association for Lasting Success

KIN-DIR Education Foundation
KIN-DIR Education Foundation

The KIN-DIR Education Foundation is a not-for-profit, Alberta Education approved, Private ECS Operator in Calgary and are, screening, assessing, and treating develop mental delays and disabilities in children 2.5 to Kindergarten age. 

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