Automated emails to parents and staff, a lightning-quick intelligent search engine and a fast responsive support team help make SchoolCloud the best student management system on the market.

Student Information
➮ Medical
➮ Emergency Contact
➮ Notes
➮ Transportation
➮ Family (Parents & Siblings)
➮ PASI integration
➮ Detailed Medical information
➮ Work Items

Student Academic
➮ Individualized Program Plan
➮ Daycare
➮ Report Cards
➮ Scheduler
➮ Assessments(SLP,OT,PT,ASQ)
➮ Funding
➮ PASI (School Enrollment & High School Marks)

➮  Over 50 reports
➮ User & Permission Management
➮ Audit Trail
➮ Budgeting
➮ Consultant Billing
➮ 24/7 Support via Live-Chat
➮ Automated Emails & Excel Export
➮ Referrals
➮ Applications



Additional Features

Our new Parent Portal feature is complete, it allows parents to securely access their students profile and ask questions or make comments to instructors.

Consultant tracking allows therapists to log into the system from any internet web browser and enter in their timesheet information for all meetings with students. Example: Jane Doe spent 60 minutes in a FOP / Teaching Visit with student Joe at an hourly rate of $100/hour. This data can be imported into Ceridian or other payroll programs at the end of every month. Increased integration with accounting is planned for 2019.

Individualized Program Plans (IPP) contain a multitude of fields that adhere to Alberta’s provincial standard and can be entered in by teachers and printed off at their convenience for handing out to the student.

Our brand new App that allows teachers to take attendance on the fly is now available on iPhone and iPad!

The system optionally includes an alternative method for the creation of student records. For example, a minimal set of student and parental personal and demographic information can be taken from prospective student’s parents to first see if a student qualifies for entrance into a particular School or School Authority’s program. Applications can then be approved or denied; approved applications will become new student records, retaining all the data entered in the application.

The application process minimizes duplicate data entry, potentially saving time and money. All Application data is aggregated into its own set of reports, which can be used by funders. SchoolCloud also handles funding related application.

Login as a user – This feature can be useful when some users are having issues with the system on their side and its easy to resolve them when we know the problem by logging in as them.

Many fields in creating a student record can be used for tracking and business purposes. (Like some fields in health and medications, some additional family information, etc. These fields aren’t to be filled but it’s a user’s choice to keep them in a system or not.)

Parent login – Can be useful to see the student’s information, grade, etc.